Pray Like Jesus

We will begin a series this coming weekend at Eastbrook Church called “Pray Like Jesus.”

If you wanted to develop a skill, you would learn from a master teacher. How much more is this true in prayer? In this series, we will take Jesus as our Master Teacher in the life of prayer. We will look at Jesus’ teaching on prayer, modeling prayer, and then praying in the midst of difficulty.

My good friend, Dave Choi, a church planter from the south side of Chicago, will kick off this series this weekend and then I will preach the following two weekends of the series.

August 4/5
Title: Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Text: Luke 11:1-13
Summary: The disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray. His response shows that prayer is simple, prayer is shamelessly bold, prayer seeks until it finds, and prayer works because of who God is.

August 11/12
Title: Jesus on How We Should Pray
Text: Matthew 6:1-8
Summary: In Jesus’ most clear teaching on prayer, He tells His disciples to not be like the hypocrites who love to be seen or the pagans who babble on endlessly in prayer. Instead, Jesus calls His followers to have a humble secrecy in prayer and a deep trust that Father God hears us.

August 18/19
Jesus Praying in Difficulty
Text: John 17
Summary: The night before His crucifixion, Jesus spoke powerfully with His Father. He was concerned about all sorts of things: the glory of God, the continuation of the faith, the unity of His followers, and those who would come later. Looking at Jesus’ prayer on that difficult night, we will learn what it means to pray in the midst of challenges.

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