Cyclist credits faith for ride across Wisconsin

I’m thrilled to share the record-breaking story of Mark Ehlers, an Eastbrook Church attendee who recently set the record for in Wisconsin for a non-stop ride across the State at its longest point in mid-August. recently published Mark’s story with the title: “Cyclist credits faith for ride across Wisconsin.” Here is an excerpt of the article. I’m proud to say I know Mark. You can get to know him more at his blog, “the Prodigal Cyclist.”

Mark Ehlers wears his faith prominently on his cycling jersey, yet he didn’t strike a Tebow-esque pose at the end of his record-setting ride across Wisconsin.

He was too exhausted, physically and emotionally.

The 54-year-old from Milwaukee collapsed to the ground in Marinette, after completing a 298-mile journey guided by his desire to make a mark as an ultra-marathon cyclist and his commitment to Christianity. He thanked the Lord not from a knee, but from his back.

Ehlers’ ride from border-to-border on Aug. 19 took 19 hours, 43 minutes, but actually spanned three decades, from the time he first found a passion for long-distance cycling. [continue reading here]

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