Celebration of Discipline (book giveaway)

A couple of weeks back, we completed a series at Eastbrook Church on spiritual growth called “Let’s Grow.” With Will Branch, we addressed issues such as being made for growth, growing through difficulties, and barriers to growth.

Alongside of the Bible, the most important book I have read about spiritual growth in my life is the book Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. When I first encountered Foster’s book, I was a relatively new Christian and his understanding of both the underpinnings and practicality of spiritual growth changed my life. I still readily recommend this book to people who are looking to develop a deeper life with God.

I recently came upon a free copy of this book in hardcover. It has highlighting in the first chapter but is clean after that point. Reply to this blog post stating why you would benefit from this book. By the end of the day Friday, I’ll select someone at random and send this book to you for free.

In the book, Foster looks at twelve key spiritual disciplines, or spiritual practices, that help us draw near to God. These include inward disciplines (meditation, prayer, fasting, study), outward disciplines (simplicity, solitude, submission, service), and corporate disciplines (confession, worship, guidance, celebration). Foster understands that these practices do not guarantee spiritual growth, but also knows that “the Disciplines allow us to place ourselves before God so that he can transform us” (7).

9 thoughts on “Celebration of Discipline (book giveaway)

  1. I need this book because I am entering my second phase of my walk and seem to be lacking the outward enthusiasm that I had as a new Christian, although I feel the inward demand of my jealous God. I just went through some large changes in my life and am ready for some real work on my walk. My vote is not that I get the book though. My vote is that we pass the book through those that need it, one to the other with a time deadline. It’s a hard cover, it can take it.

  2. I like to have a closer look at his book because as a Christian it is important to have some type of direction and guidance to further grow closer to God.

  3. I’d benefit from this book because it will continue my growth as Christ-follower & will challenge me to remain faithful to him regardless of what job I have or what events are occurring in my life.

    I want to do big things for God in my life, but if I can’t do the small things (ie meditation, prayer, fasting, study) how will I truly be effective?

  4.  Hi Matt- I have been going through a very long , difficult dry season. There might be something in this book that God could use to help guide me out of this season.

    Blessing to you, Marie

  5. I would like this book but think that others who have commented before me have a more appealing case… so you should give it to one of them 🙂
    All I was going to say is that your wife recommended it & your wife is always right so that’s why I want to read it… hahhaaaa 😉

  6. After a completely random selection of the people who commented here, the winner of the book is Lisa Docter! Lisa, please let me know what your address is by emailing me and we can go from there.

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