Teacher (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend, “Teacher,” from Mark 4:1-34.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Who has been one of your most memorable teachers – good or bad – in your life? Why were they so memorable?
  2. This week, we are looking at Jesus as the teacher.  Our text this week is Mark 4:1-34. Whether you are alone or with a small group, take a moment to read that text out loud. Ask God to speak to you.
  3. In this passage, we see Jesus teaching through a series of parables, or pithy stories. Why do you think Jesus taught using parables?
  4. In His first parable, Jesus talks about four different types of soils. How would you describe those four soils and how would you relate them to the life of person?
  5. In verses 11 and 12 Jesus seems to imply that parables make it hard for people to understand His teaching. Yet in verses 21 and 22 Jesus seems to say that hidden things will be revealed. How do you understand the tension between these two teachings?
  6. What do you think it means for someone to take Jesus as their teacher?
  7. Each of the parables in Mark chapter 4 reference the Kingdom of God. Either as a group or on your own, list different aspects of the kingdom of God which the parables highlight.
  8. There are a number of places in Mark 4 where Jesus talks about the ability to hear or listen well. Why do you think Jesus talks about this? What do you think Jesus means by having ‘ears to hear’?
  9. What is one thing you have learned in this study? How will you put that into practice in your life this week? Write some of these things down. If you are in a small group, discuss this together.

Next week we continue “The Real Jesus” series by looking at Jesus’ miracles in Mark 4:35-41 and 5:21-43. Prepare for next week by reading these verses ahead of time.

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