Provider (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend, “Provider,” from Mark 6:30-43 and 8:1-13

Discussion Questions:

  1. When have you experienced God’s provision in your life? Identify a specific situation or event.
  2. This week, we are looking at Jesus the provider as seen in two parallel Bible passages, Mark 6:30-43and 8:1-11.  Whether you are alone or with a small group, read these two passages out loud. Ask God to speak to you as you continue the study.
  3. In Mark 6:30-43, what is the situation that leads into the miraculous feeding? What is the hope of the disciples at this point? (You may want to consult Mark 6:6-13.)
  4. How would you contrast Jesus and the disciples’ response to the crowds both in Mark 6:34-36 and8:1-4?
  5. What is the outcome of the feeding for the crowds of people in both instances?
  6. It is important to note that the feeding in Mark 6 takes place in a mostly Jewish setting and the feeding in Mark 8 takes place in a mostly non-Jewish, or Gentile, setting. What do you think the significance of this is?
  7. After the feeding in Mark 8, Jesus has a conversation with His disciples. Read through Mark 8:11-21. How would you describe Jesus’ conversation with His disciples? What do you think is the main thing lacking in the disciples here?
  8. Some scholars see echoes of the last supper in these two stories of Jesus’ miraculous provision. Take a moment to read through Mark 14:12-26, then reflect on similarities between the stories. How do the miraculous feedings shed light on the last supper and vice versa? What do you learn about Jesus through these stories together?
  9. What is one thing you have learned in this study? How will you put that into practice in your life this week? Write some of these things down. If you are in a small group, discuss this together.

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