Life Verse


We begin a new series this coming weekend at Eastbrook Church called “Life Verse.” God does something unique in all of our lives. There are things God speaks into our lives over time that mark us deeply. Throughout this series, we will hear what God has spoken into the lives of some key pastors and leaders around their ‘life verse’. At the same time, we will be challenged to consider what God is speaking into the core of our lives.

Here is the outline of the sermon series:

June 22/23 – Living Dangerously for God – Jason Webb (Lead Pastor, Brooklife Church) – Hebrews 10:38-11:1

June 29/30 – The Full Assurance of Hope – Will Branch (Middle School Pastor, Eastbrook Church) – Hebrews 6:10-12

July 6/7 – The Secret Place – Marc Erickson (Pastor Emeritus, Eastbrook Church) – Psalm 91:1-2

July 13/14 – Aiming for Second Place – Matt Erickson (Senior Pastor, Eastbrook Church) – John 3:22-30

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