The One Name (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend entitled “The One Name” from our series on Exodus 3 & 4, “The Name.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. Is there any significance from your given name related to family history, relatives or an event? What is it?
  2. This week, we continue our series “The Name” with a look at Exodus 3:13-22. Before you begin your study, ask God to speak to you through the Scripture. Then, read that passage aloud.
  3. As Moses converses with God in verse 13, he asks a question that leads into an extended response from God. What is the question and what do you think Moses is really asking?
  4. One important thing to note is that in most of our English Bibles, the personal name of God is translated as the word ‘LORD’ in all capitals (see Exodus 3:14). Behind this translation is the Hebrew , which is transliterated as ‘YHWH’ or ‘Yahweh’ or ‘Jehovah.’ Keep your eyes open for this as you read through today’s passage.
  5. There is earlier evidence that God was known by the name Yahweh to the patriarchs. See the following passages: after the time of Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:26), with Noah (Genesis 9:26), with Abraham (Genesis 12:8), with Isaac (Genesis 26:25), with Jacob (Genesis 28:16), and with Laban (Genesis 30:27). In the ancient near east, the name of a person says a lot about their character. What do you think is the significance of God revealing Himself here in this way to Moses now?
  6. Moses has a personal encounter with God here in Exodus 3 and 4. When have you had a personal encounter with God like this? What happened? How did that change you?
  7. How would you describe God’s reassurances and promises to Moses in Exodus 3:16-23? How do these ideas relate to God’s earlier call for Moses to step forward with faith in Exodus 3:12?
  8. What is God speaking to you now from these words about your life situation? If you are in a small group, discuss this together.  If you are on your own, then perhaps you could write down some thoughts on this.

[Next week: We will conclude our series “The Name” by looking at Exodus 4:1-17, where Moses reveals his areas of weakness and struggle with God’s call.]

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