Living in the One Name (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend entitled “Living in the One Name” from our  series, “The Name.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. When was a time that you faced a task or situation that completely overwhelmed you? How did you deal with it? How did you interact with God about it?
  2. As we conclude our series, “The Name,” this week, we are looking at Exodus 4:1-17. Before you begin your study, ask God to speak to you through the Scripture. Then, read that passage aloud.
  3. Up to this point, we have focused quite a bit on God’s character and activity, but this study will focus more on Moses. Take some time to identify the questions or statements that Moses makes in Exodus 3 and 4. What do you notice about Moses’ words? What changes as the conversation carries forward?
  4. In Exodus 4:1, Moses expresses his concerns that people will not believe him. What signs does God provide for Moses to help with this (Exodus 4:2-9)? What would you say is the significance of each of these signs?
  5. Some scholars say that Moses’ words in verse Exodus 4:10 may convey that he had a speech impediment while others say it is more a reflection of Moses’ humble deference to God. Either way, what do you notice about Moses’ claim here and how God responds to him in verses Exodus 4:11 andExodus 4:12?
  6. Have you ever sensed God calling you to do something for which you didn’t feel you had the right abilities or talents? It is often said, “God doesn’t call the equipped, but equips those He calls.” What does this mean to you?
  7. In the end, Moses seems to resist God’s calling entirely in verse Exodus 4:13. Why do you think he does this?
  8. Even as God expresses His anger toward Moses, He is still gracious. How does God show grace to Moses even here in verses Exodus 4:14-17?
  9. How is God speaking to you now from this passage of Scripture about your life? If you are in a small group, discuss this together. If you are on your own, then perhaps you could write down some thoughts on this.

[Next week: We will begin a new series entitled “Revealed” on the seven churches of Revelation 1-3. Prepare for the series by reading Revelation 1, where John has a vision of Jesus.]

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