Asleep in Sardis (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend entitled “Asleep in Sardis” from our series, “Revealed.”

Discussion Questions:

When have you felt most alive? What were the circumstances or situation? This week, we continue our series, ‘Revealed’, by reading from Revelation 3:1-6 about the church in Sardis.

Take a moment to ask God to speak to you as you read these verses aloud. In 1st century Asia Minor, Sardis was a well-known and prosperous city. Before falling to the Romans, it was once the seat of the ancient kingdom of Lydia. Archaeological finds reveal an abundance of jewelry, silver, and gold. Unfortunately, the church in Sardis receives the sharpest words of warning and correction of any of the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3.

  • Each of these brief letters begins with a reference to Jesus as described in Revelation 1:12-16. What is the description of Jesus in 3:1 and what is its significance? 
  • Without any affirmations, Jesus immediately leaps into words of correction for the church in Sardis. How would you describe the failings of the church in Sardis?
  • What do you think the difference is between being spiritually alive and spiritually dead?
  • What are you doing to grow your spiritual life with God?
  • What does Jesus promise to those who overcome—or are victorious—in verses 5 and 6? What does this mean?
  • What is one thing you will take away from this study? How will your daily life be different because of it? Take some time to pray—talk with God—about these things.

Next week we will continue our series, ‘Revealed,’ by looking at Revelation 3:7-13.

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