Thankful Hands

Thankful banner

This weekend at Eastbrook Church, I continued our series entitled “Thankful.”

The message, “Hands,” was based out of John 6:1-15, which is the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 from a small child’s meager lunch. I built the sermon around the question, “what do you have in your hands?”

The outline for the message is below, but you can download a PDF of the sermon outline and discussion questions here. You can listen to the message online here. You can also visit Eastbrook Church on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also access the entire sermon series here.

The Situation at Hand

  • Philip’s perspective: overwhelming need
  • Jesus’ perspective: hungry people

The Materials at Hand

  • Andrew’s perspective: meager material
  • Jesus’ perspective: valuable beginnings

The Miracle at Hand

  • Taken
  • Thankful
  • Given
  • More than enough


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