Wonder Working God (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message at Eastbrook Church this past weekend entitled “Wonder Working God” from our series, “Expecting a Miracle.”

Discussion Questions:

  1. Nearly everyone has some interesting Christmas memories. What was one of your most eventful Christmas holidays ever and why?
  2. When the Israelite people called out to God, He sent Moses as a deliverer.  Part of the deliverance was a series of miraculous events that opened the doorways for freedom for the Israelites. We will spend time in this study looking at Exodus 7:1-12:30, to explore the miraculous signs God did in Egypt. Before you begin your study, ask God to speak to you through the Scripture.
  3. How would you summarize God’s plan, as He shares it with Moses, found in Exodus 7:1-6?
  4. Whether you are alone or in a group, take some time to outline the series of miraculous signs and plagues that God brings on the Egyptians in Exodus 7:8-12:30.  Answer questions like this: what did God say?; what did Moses & Aaron do?; what happened?; how did Pharaoh respond?; etc.
  5. When have you experienced God’s miraculous intervention in your life? What happened?
  6. Near the middle of these miraculous events, God speaks directly about His purposes with clarity in Exodus 9:13-19. Why is God bringing these miraculous events upon Egypt? What is God’s ultimate goal?
  7. How might God’s statements about His aims in Exodus shape what we pray for and look for from God in our lives today?
  8. Last week, we explored various “mountains or opposition” we face in our lives. What are one or two specific ways you might pray and move forward with those mountains in light of today’s passage?
  9. If you are alone, take some time to reflect on what God is speaking to you, perhaps by writing some thoughts down and then talking with God about that in prayer. If you are with a group, discuss this together and then close your time by praying for one another specifically.

[Next week: We continue our series “Expecting a Miracle” by looking at the actual exodus of God’s people out of Egypt. Prepare ahead of time by reading Exodus, chapters 12-14.]

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