The Ten (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message, “The Ten,” from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church, which began our new series on the Ten Commandments entitled “Chiseled.”

Discussion Questions:

1. When you hear the phrase “Ten Commandments” what do you think of? Why?

2. This weekend at Eastbrook, we begin a new series entitled “Chiseled” on the Ten Commandments. This series accompanies the season of Lent, which is a season of drawing near to God and renewing our hope in Jesus by turning from sin and clinging to the Gospel. This mirrors the journey of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt to a new land guided by God’s deliverance. In preparation for this study, read Exodus 19:1-20:21. (If you haven’t read the entire book of Exodus before, make it a goal to do so during this series.) Then, ask God to speak to you through your study of the Scripture.

3. The story of Exodus moves from slavery in Egypt to the clash between God and Pharaoh in the plagues on to deliverance from slavery and movement toward the land of promise. The Ten Commandments are an identity marker for God and for the Hebrew people as they become the nation of Israel. Read Exodus 19:3-6. What do these brief words tell you about who God is, what He is doing, and what it means to be His people?

4. Leading up to God speaking the Ten Commandments, He reveals Himself powerfully to Moses and the people in Exodus 19:9-25. What do you find surprising about these verses? What do they tell you about what God is like?

5. Many times, the Bible talks about “the fear of The Lord” (see examples in Joshua 4:24; 2 Chronicles 19:7; Psalm 19:9; Proverbs 19:23; Acts 9:31; 2 Corinthians 5:11). The fear of The Lord means living our daily lives with reverent awe in relation to God. How does Exodus 19:9-25 shed light on what it means to have an appropriate fear of The Lord?

6. Would you say you live with appropriate fear of The Lord? Why or why not?

7. In Hebrews 1:1-2, we read: “In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son.” Read the following verses and reflect on how Jesus relates to, affirms, or changes our understanding of the Ten Commandments:

9. What is one thing God is speaking to you through this study? If you are alone, write it down somewhere so you can think about it further this week. If you are with a small group, take some time to discuss these things with one another. Close in prayer.

[Next week: We continue our series, “Chiseled,” on the Ten Commandments. Prepare ahead of time by reading Exodus 20:1-21.]

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