Chosen Words Series Gfx_ThumbWhat sort of a Messiah would promise trouble and difficulty?

That’s exactly what I set out to address as I continued our series,”Chosen Words,” this past weekend at Eastbrook Church. I explored two separate passages, John 15:18-25 and John 16:16-33, both of which address these more difficult words of Jesus.

You can view a video of the message and the accompanying outline below. You can listen to the message via our audio podcast here. You can join in with the “Chosen Words” devotional online.

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Tension: Jesus’ Followers and the World (15:18-25)

  • The world’s hatred for Jesus’ followers because of Jesus (15:18, 20)
  • The world’s hatred for Jesus’ followers because of their distinction from the world (15:19)
  • The world’s hatred for Jesus’ followers because the world does not know the Father (15:21)
  • The worlds’ hatred for Jesus’ followers because Jesus addresses sin (15:22-24)

“In a little while”: the transformation of circumstances through Jesus (16:16-22, 32)

 Grief: The “little while” of Jesus’ departure         →      Joy: After “a little while” with Jesus’ return
Grief first as Jesus departs for the Cross  →      Joy later with Jesus’ return from death
  16:20   Grief while the world rejoices                       →      Grief turned into joy
  16:21   Like the anguish of a woman in labor           →      Like the joy of a child’s birth
  16:32,22  Jesus left alone by His followers              →      Jesus returns to His followers

The Joy-Filled Life in Jesus (16:22-33)

  • Secure Joy: A joy that cannot be taken away (16:22)
  • Complete Joy: the life of prayer with the Father (16:23-24)
  • Loving Joy: the Father’s direct love (16:27)
  • Persevering Joy: the reality of Jesus’ return to the Father (16:28)
  • Peaceful Joy: the peaceful rest of knowing Jesus’ truth (16:33)
  • Overcoming Joy: A joy secured through Jesus’ overcoming work (16:33)


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