Sexuality and Marriage

HS 4My wife, Kelly, and I concluded the “Holy Sexuality” series this past weekend at Eastbrook Church by talking about sexuality and marriage. I was so glad to have Kelly join me for preparation and delivery of the message. She is such a gifted pastor and woman of God, and working together on this made the message so much better.

You can view a video of the message and the accompanying outline below. You can also listen to the message via our audio podcast here.

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Sexuality and the Covenant of Marriage (Genesis 2:20-25)

Powerful partners in the world

Covenant relationship and sexuality


The Joy of Married Sexuality (Song of Songs 8:4-14)


Verbal intimacy

Physical intimacy

Emotional intimacy

Spiritual Intimacy



Challenges to Married Sexuality (Proverbs 5:15-23)

Living within appropriate limits

Choosing to delight in your spouse

Taking drastic measures with sexual sin


Sexuality and Sacrificial Love (Ephesians 5:1-2, 21-33)

The key focus

Self-sacrificing love

A profound mystery


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