Flawed Heroes: A Study on Judges

Flawed Heroes Series Gfx_App Wide

Join us this summer as we explore the Old Testament book of Judges at Eastbrook Church with a new series beginning this weekend entitled “Flawed Heroes.”

The book of Judges occupies an interesting space in the historical books of the Hebrew Bible, fitting between the great Exodus with Moses and Joshua and the coming of the kings with Samuel, Solomon, and David. As this loose grouping of tribes finds their space in the Promised Land, they wander in and out of obedience to God, often lacking direction as the covenant people. Into those gaps, God raises up judges – or deliverers – by the Spirit’s power to lead and guide the people. In the midst of all this, we catch glimpses of how God’s grace and power can work through flawed lives.

You can follow along with the series via our web-site, our Vimeo page, our Facebook page, or by downloading the Eastbrook Church app.

One thought on “Flawed Heroes: A Study on Judges

  1. Cool, I like Old Testament stories, there is so much history and detail and names to search on and grow from these models even their weakness. I like bringing out things to share that people don’t know or look at it renewing ways to grow.

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