Praise: concluding the Psalms of Ascent

We concluded our journey with the Psalms of Ascent in our series Ascend by looking at Psalm 134 this past weekend at Eastbrook Church. I walked slowly through this three-verse text before focusing on two tools for spiritual growth that this psalm directs our attention toward.

Below you can view the video and sermon outline of this final message of the Ascend series, “Praise.” You can follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast. We also have a reading plan for this series, which you can access here.


Bless the Lord (vs 1)


The invitation one to another


Praise the Holy God with holy hands (vs 2)

“Lift up your hands…”

“In the sanctuary…” or “the holy place…”


Blessed by the Lord (vs 3)

Blessed from Zion

Blessed by the Maker of heaven and earth


Trailblazing with God

Living to bless God and living blessed by God

Living the call and living the response

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