Power in Preparation – a new series at Eastbrook

This coming weekend at Eastbrook Church we began a seven-week preaching series entitled “Power in Preparation,” drawn from Matthew, chapters 2-4. This is the second part of our longer journey through the Gospel of Matthew, building upon “Family Tree.”

This series explores Jesus’ preparation for ministry from His journey to Egypt as a child refugee to the wilderness before His ministry began. Looking at Jesus’ preparation for ministry reveals ways in which God prepares us in our own lives. Just as there were ways Jesus had to get ready for His work, so, too, there are hidden aspects of our lives that are incredibly significant for who we become and what we do.

You can also join in with a daily devotional for this series here.

Join us each weekend of this series in-person or via Eastbrook at Home.

Here are the weekly topics for the series:

January 3 – “The Way of Jesus and the Way of Herod” – Matthew 1:20-25; 2:3, 12

January 10 – “Refugee Messiah” – Matthew 2:13-23

January 17 – “The Voice of One Calling Out” – Matthew 3:1-12

January 24 – “Baptized with Water and Spirit” – Matthew 3:13-17

January 31 – “Wilderness” – Matthew 4:1-11

February 7 – “God’s Kingdom for the Nations” – Matthew 4:12-17

February 14 – “Calling the Least” – Matthew 4:18-25

3 thoughts on “Power in Preparation – a new series at Eastbrook

  1. Thank you for what you do! As a former member at Eastbrook before moving to Milwaukee I enjoy seeing how God continues to use the church.

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