The Messiah’s Call

This past weekend at Eastbrook, we continued our new series entitled “The Messiah’s Mission,” based in Matthew 8-12. This weekend I explored Matthew 8:18-22, where Jesus encounters two would-be disciples and rebuffs their apparent commitment to Him. These two case studies reveal a lot about what discipleship is all about. In some ways this message echoes an earlier message, “Real Response,” from the end of our series, “Becoming Real,” on the Sermon on the Mount.

You can find the message video and outline below. You can also view the entire series here, as well as the devotional that accompanies the series here. Join us for weekend worship in-person or remotely via Eastbrook at Home.

“But Jesus told him, ‘Follow me.’” (Matthew 8:22)

Discipleship Practice: Drawing Away with Jesus (8:18)

  • The distinction between disciples and the crowd
  • Disciples draw away from the crowd
  • Disciples draw close to Jesus

Discipleship Case Study #1: Reorienting Stability (8:19-20)

  • What is stability?
  • Where do we find it?
  • Reorienting stability in Jesus

Discipleship Case Study #2: Reorienting Societal Norms (Matthew 8:21-22)

  • What is normal?
  • Who gets to define it?
  • Reorienting societal norms in Jesus

Entering the Disciple Life

  • Hearing Jesus’ call again: reading Scripture
  • Choosing Jesus: Baptism
  • Following Jesus: Daily Obedience

Dig Deeper

This week dig deeper into Jesus’ teaching on our response to Him in one or more of the following ways:

  • Depending on which one captures you more, consider memorizing Matthew 8:19-20 or 8:21-22 this week.
  • Set aside some time this week to pray about this week’s passage. Ask the Lord if there is anything that stands in the way of your absolute following of Him? Journal about this or talk with a friend and pray about it.
  • Read several passages where Jesus calls disciples. As you do, identify different aspects of Jesus’ call and people’s response (or lack of response): Matthew 4:18-22; Luke 5:1-11; John 1:35-51; Matthew 8:18-22; Mark 5:1-20; Matthew 9:9-13; Mark 10:17-27; Luke 14:25-35.
  • In order to dig deeper into the calling of discipleship consider reading either Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s The Cost of Discipleship or Os Guinness’ The Call.

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