Continue (discussion questions)

The following discussion questions accompany my message this past weekend at Eastbrook Church entitled “Continue” from 2 John.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Name something you started but found it very difficult to continue. What happened? Why was that?
  2. This week, we continue our “Love Letters” series with a look at 2 John. Read this short letter out loud.
  3. What words or phrases do you notice repeating in this letter? What would you say are the main two or three themes John is writing about?
  4. Through John’s first letter we heard again and again that we should love one another (see 1 John 3:11; 4:7). What does John say about this again here in 2 John 4-6?
  5. Look through this letter and identify how many times John uses the words ‘truth’ or ‘teaching’. In the midst of some struggles for the truth, John writes very specific things about holding to the truth and dealing with untruth. What do you think he is trying to say?
  6. The tone of joy begins and ends this letter: 2 John 4 and 12. Why do you think that joy is a hallmark of John’s writing here? (You may also want to compare it to 1 John 1:4 and 3 John 4.)
  7. What is one specific way that you will respond to the study this week. Write it down, reflect on it, and put it into practice this week. If you are in a small group, discuss this with one another.


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