This past weekend at Eastbrook, I spoke about continuing in the truth of God. It was a continuation of our series “Love Letters” from the letters of John, this week looking at 2 John.

You can listen to my message online at the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also follow Eastbrook Church on Twitter. I’ve included a revised outline for the message below:

Continuing means we’ve started with God

  • Knowing God more and more
  • Loving God and others more and more

Continuing means we hold on the truth about Jesus Christ

  • He came in the flesh
  • He is the Messiah

Continuing Means ‘Walking’ in the Truth

  • Motion – moving in the truth
  • Setting – walking within the truth
  • Aims – walking with aims reflecting truth

Continuing Means Internalizing the Truth

  • “the truth, which lives in us” (2 John 2)
  • like a sponge soaking in the truth of God

Continuing Means Guarding Against Untruth

  • not surprised by challenges to truth
  • what we ‘welcome’ into our lives

Continuing Brings

  • ‘Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father’ (2 John 3)
  • ‘our joy may be complete’ (2 John 12)

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