Who Do You Say I Am


This weekend, I began a new series, “King Coming,” as we continue our journey through the Gospel of Mark at Eastbrook Church.  My message was entitled, “Who Do You Say I Am?,” and focused on Mark 8:27-30.

The main thing I was getting at was how there are some questions that can define our lives.

You can listen to the message at the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also follow the RSS feed for Eastbrook sermons or follower Eastbrook Church on Twitter or Facebook.

The outline for the message, which I actually didn’t end up using strictly for the message on Sunday, is included below:

Questions: Following Unresolved Thoughts

Expectations: What are we looking for?

  • Jewish expectations of the Messiah
  • Expectations throughout Mark’s Gospel
  • Historical views of Jesus

Secrets: Don’t misunderstand what’s going on

  • Jesus’ secrecy
  • Jesus’ timing
  • Jesus’ focus


2 thoughts on “Who Do You Say I Am

  1. Questions. They’re great. They take us beyond “O, wow!” In Christ, we can ask questions. Some religions prohibit questioning. They are dangerous. Zechariah was punished for asking his question, but Mary was blessed (Luke 1). A question that arises from faith is, as you said, an echo of Jesus’ question of us. The crowds were asking the very question Jesus ultimately put to the disciples. A question of faith asks about the possibility in God for something to come to be. “My God, my God why…”
    Thanks for reminding me that questions, asked in faith, can change lives.

    • Thanks, Bruce. For me, the concept of following my questions toward God has been liberating. Unintentionally, at times, the church conveys the idea that we are to set aside our wondering and curiosity. God opens the doorway through Jesus’ question: “who do you say that I am?”

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