Facing Trials

imageI continued our series, “Journey to the Cross,” this weekend at Eastbrook Church as we looked at Jesus’ trials before the Jewish and Roman authorities in Mark 14:53-65 and 15:1-15.

My message was entitled “Facing Trials.” My main focus centered around this idea: when Jesus was facing His trials, there was more than meets the eye happening; so, too, when we face trials, there is more than meets the eye happening. I traced three levels of Jesus’ trials, as seen in the outline below.

You can listen to my message at the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also follow the RSS feed for Eastbrook sermons or follow Eastbrook Church on Twitter or Facebook.

The outline for the message is included below:

Level 1: The Superficial Situation of Jesus’ Trials

  • Urgency of Its Timing (14:53-54; 15:1)
  • Jesus’ Apparent helplessness (14:61; 15:5)
  • Jesus’ Solitary Vulnerability (14:64-65; 15:1)

Level 2: A Look at Jesus’ Accusers

  • The Jewish Authorities (14:53-55)
  • The Surrounding Crowds (14:56-59; 15:8-13)
  • The High Priest (14:60-64)
  • Pontius Pilate (15:1-2, 15)

Level 3: A Deeper View of Jesus

  • The Messiah
  • The King
  • Courageous
  • Confident


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