Lord of the Cast Off


This weekend at Eastbrook Church I continued our series “Crossroads” which corresponds with our Lenten journey to the Cross.  This weekend’s message was entitled “Lord of the Cast Off” and looks at two stories from Jesus’ ministry with unexpected heroes. In both Luke 21:1-4 and 7:36-50, we see Jesus giving praise through the example of two apparently insignificant and outcast women. For me, these are two of the most beautiful stories in the Gospel of Luke.

You can also follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast.

Also, join in with the daily devotional and reading plan for this series here.

Measuring the Insignificant (Luke 21:1-4)

Giving much out of wealth

Giving more out of poverty

Welcoming the Undeserving (Luke 7:36-50)

Simon and the places of honor

The sinful woman and the Guest of honor

A parable of forgiveness

The contrast of ways

A contrast of ends

Responding to the Acceptance of the Lord

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