An Invitation to Prayer [30 Days of Prayer]

Summer of Prayer Ads_Banner“Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Jesus in Matthew 11:28

During this summer at Eastbrook Church, we are entering into a season of growth in prayer, and you are invited. In June we begin 30 Days of Prayer with individuals signing up for 15-minute time slots to cover all 24-hours of each day of the week in prayer. You can join this initiative in two ways. First of all, you could sign up for a time slot in prayer on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Secondly, you could follow along with my blog where each day in June I will share a brief devotional thought on prayer.

As much as prayer is a natural response in life, it is still daunting for many of us for one reason or another. In talking about prayer with people across the age spectrum and in various stages of their faith, I often hear people say they do not feel like they have the prayer life they want or think they need.

No matter where you find yourself, the first step toward growth in prayer is hearing Jesus’ invitation for us to come to Him. In Matthew 11, Jesus calls anyone who feels weary or burdened to come to Him to learn from Him. As we draw near to Him in response to that invitation, He promises we will find rest for our souls. Do you want to grow in prayer? Hear the invitation and respond to Jesus by simply saying, “Yes, I hear you calling to me and I choose to draw near to You.”

Lord, I hear Your voice inviting me
to come close and find rest in You.
I know that compared to You
I have so little, if anything, to offer.
Please take me as I am
and lead me deeper
in the life of prayer
where You are found.

[This post is part of the “30 Days of Prayer” devotional. Read other posts here.]

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