‘Tis the Reason – a new series at Eastbrook

This coming Sunday at Eastbrook Church we begin a new preaching series entitled “‘Tis the Reason.” This series mirrors our journey of Advent and continues our journey through the Gospel of Matthew, focusing on Jesus’ ministry turn from Galilee toward Judea and His crucifixion in Jerusalem.

You can access our Advent devotional that accompanies the series as a PDF, online, or through the Eastbrook app.

This is the seventh part of our longer series on Matthew, which includes “Family Tree,” “Power in Preparation,” “Becoming Real,” “The Messiah’s Mission,” “Stories of the Kingdom: parables of Jesus,” and “Who Do You Say I Am?

Join us each weekend of this series in-person or via Eastbrook at Home.

Here are the weekly topics for the series:

November 28 – “His Suffering Brings Peace” – Matthew 16:21-28

December 5 – “His Glory Brings Joy” – Matthew 17:1-13

December 12 – “His Healing by Faith” – Matthew 17:14-20; 20:29-34

December 19 – “His Resurrection Brings Hope” – Matthew 17:22-23;20:17-19

December 24 – “Glory to the Newborn King” [Christmas Eve services at 1, 2:30, 4, and 5:30 PM]

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