Working through Conflict in Relationships (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message on working through conflict in relationships from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church as part of our series on relationships entitled “Made for It.”

Discussion Questions:

1.     When was a time that you faced tremendous conflict in relationships? How did you resolve it? If it didn’t resolve, then what did you do?

2.     As we conclude our series, “Made for It,” we are entering the messy waters of conflict in relationships. Before you begin your study, ask God to speak to you through your study of the Scripture.

3.     In Genesis the purity of the Garden of Eden is quickly tarnished by sin and evil. Read Genesis 3 and 4. Reflect on why and how conflict erupts in these first few chapters of the Bible?

4.     Jesus makes some pointed statements about judging others and dealing with conflict in Matthew 7:4-5. What do you think it means to see the plank in your own eye clearly? How might that shape the way you deal with others?

5.     Of course, Jesus also encourages us to see the speck of dust in others’ eyes. What do you think that means?

6.     In what relationships or situations are you currently facing conflict? How are you dealing with it?

7.     Pastor Matt talked about three basic responses to conflict: 1) faking peace through escaping, 2) breaking peace through attacking, or 3) making peace. How would you describe these three basic responses? Which of the three is your tendency in dealing with conflict?

8.     Read James 3:18. How might you take steps forward as a peacemaker in your life?

9.     Read through Ephesians 2:11-22. How can you live in the Gospel of peace more strongly these days in your relationships?

10.     What is one relationship you will approach differently this week as a result of this study? If you are alone, write it down somewhere so you can think about it further this week. If you are with a small group, take some time to discuss these things with one another. Close in prayer.

[Next week: We begin a new series, “Chiseled,” on the Ten Commandments. Prepare ahead of time by reading the following Scripture passages: Exodus 20:1-21.]

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