Joy that Gives

As we continued our series “Unshackled: Joy Beyond Circumstances” this past weekend at Eastbrook Church I walked us through Philippians 1:27-2:11, where the Apostle Paul shifts his attention from his present circumstances to the situation of the Philippians.

You can view the video and sermon outline of this message, “The Joy of Faith,” below. You can also follow the entire series at our web-site, through the Eastbrook app, or through our audio podcast.


Our New Citizenship: The Joyful City (1:27-30)

Citizens of a new kingdom

Living that citizenship


Our New Mindset: Joyful Service (2:1-4)

True joy in the God who gives

True joy in serving one another


Our New Example: Jesus the Joyful Servant (2:5-8)

The God who gives instead of grasps

The God who dies instead of kills


Our New King: Jesus the Joyful Lord (2:9-11)

The Name above every name

The Lord acknowledged by all

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