The Perfect King (Psalm 72)

Songs of the Savior Series GFX_App SquareThis past weekend at Eastbrook, I concluded our series, “Songs of the Savior: Psalms for Advent,” by exploring Psalm 72.

Psalm 72 is not an explicitly messianic psalm, but echoes themes of the Messiah that are seen in Isaiah 11 and Zechariah 9. New Testament writers nod toward Psalm 72 in many ways, for example in Matthew’s wording about the wise men coming to give gifts and worship to Jesus.

You can watch my message from this past weekend and follow along with the message outline below. You can also engage with the entire series here, participate in Eastbrook’s Advent devotional, or download the Eastbrook mobile app for even more opportunities to connect.

“Then all the nations will be blessed through him, and they will call him blessed.”
(Psalm 72:17b)

Praying for a Just and Right Ruler (Psalm 72:1-4, 12-14)



Praying for a Long and Extensive Reign  (Psalm 72:5-11, 15-17)



Praying for God’s Glory to Fill the Earth (Psalm 72:18-19)



Jesus the Perfect King



Advent Worship of Jesus through Psalm 72