Looking Back and Stepping Forward: a new year’s message


This past weekend at Eastbrook, I preached a message, “Looking Back and Stepping Forward,” which was a stand-alone message for the new year. I shared some practices – looking back at the past year and stepping forward into the new year – that have helped me most over the years to close out one year and begin another.

The message was rooted in the psalms, drawing three practices for reflection (giving thanks, lament, repentance) and three practices of anticipation (focus, dedication, praise) together as a rubric for standing at the threshold of changing calendar years.

You can watch my message from this past weekend and follow along with the message outline below. You can also engage with other sermon series here or download the Eastbrook mobile app for even more resources or opportunities to connect.

Looking Back: Give thanks (Psalm 136:1-3)



Looking Back: Lament (Psalm 13:1-3a)



Looking Back: Repent (Psalm 51:1-2, 10)



Stepping Forward: Focus (Psalm 63:1)



Stepping Forward: Dedication (Psalm 86:11)



Stepping Forward: Praise (Psalm 150:1-3, 6)