Real reach 4I continued our series “Real Rich” this weekend at Eastbrook Church with a message entitled “Less.” In this message, I attempted to pull together a wide variety of biblical principles and values that help us honor God in our finances.

The outline for the message is below. You can listen to the message online here or download it via the Eastbrook web-site here. You can also visit Eastbrook Church on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Biblical Principles for prioritizing God’s Kingdom in your finances

The Right Start

  • We are called to honor God with our physical lives (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)
  • We can live free from worry by prioritizing God’s Kingdom (Matthew 6:25-34)

Live Satisfied

  • We know having more will not ultimately satisfy us (Ecclesiastes 5:10-15)
  • We are called to contentment (Philippians 4:10-13)
  • We are called to work responsibly for our living (2 Thessalonians 3:6-12)

Eternal Aims

  • We are strangers and aliens here (1 Peter 2:11)
  • We are called to live in light of eternity (Matthew 6:19-24)

Practical ways to prioritize God’s Kingdom in your finances

Decide to honor God first in your finances

Order your finances with a simple budget:

  • 10% tithe
  • 10% save
  • 80% pay for your expenses

Learn through our class, “Financial Perspectives: From Panic to Peace” happening every Sunday during 3rd hour (11 am) in Fellowship Hall 3.


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